Xquisite Overture of Kellaney, FDC

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2017 USA-Box Club Show results - Inter. Fawn Class

Critique by Judge: Pedro Bispo (Portugal)

"Feminine, elegant, good construction medium bone, very good head proportions, a little bit stright in jaw, would like a stronger jaw, the underjaw should be larger, good stop, a little flat skull, natural ears. Elegant neck, very good topline, square construction, deep chest, good front, very good angulaiton, very good shoulders, very good back, very good movement, would like to see more reach."

Rated: V-2 (Excellent)

2017 Jahresieger USA results - Inter. Fawn Class

Critique by Judge: Mathias Wolf (Germany)

"Large red fawn, very nice overall. Very feminine head, correct proportions of muzzle, dark brown eyes, very nice wide set bite with straight teeth, very good chin, good neck/well carried. Nice chest overall, very nice angulation, covers ground, very best teeth."

Rated: V-1 (Excellent)


 Xindy's Statistics:

  • DOB: 09/16/2015
  • DM: n/n, Clear, Not affected
  • ARVC: n/n, Clear
  • 24-Hour Holter: Clear (0 PVC's)
  • OFA Echocardiogram: SAS Clear
  • Heart murmur free
  • Breeder: Kellaney Boxers (Serbia)
  • Owners: Mirak Boxers


  • Farm Dog Certified (FDC)
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