K9 Search and Rescue



Raice and her Owner/Trainer, Rio


Sire: Allsturns Supertramp


Dam: Mirak Dominica, AD

K9 Raice - IPWDA Basic Wilderness Area Search certified -Vermont USA-

 K9  Mirak Genevieve  TD, TDU, TDX

K9 Raice - IPWDA (International Police Work Dog Association) Basic Wilderness Area Search (40 acre day time) certified.
Certification places Raice and Rio on the callout list with the Vermont State Police.  

Vermont Search & Rescue K9, Inc. (VSARK9) provides certified handlers, field support personnel and highly trained K9s to assist the Vermont State Police Search & Rescue Team with locating and assisting lost and missing people in the backcountry and inland waters within the state of Vermont.

Rio has been training with Raice for a little over 2 1/2 years and passed their "In House" testing for a hasty trail (The hasty search problem is conducted along a path, trail, logging road or the like, not less than a ½ mile long and not longer than one mile. The canine must locate the subject within about 30 feet off the trail. The subject must be camouflaged and hidden from view. The handler should describe the alert, recognize the alert and follow the canine to the subject. The handler should assess the subject for injury, accurately place the subject on the map, call coordinates into the base and recommend any medical assistance required)

The IPWDA test requiring the dog to locate 1 or 2 persons (unknown when starting the test search) within a 40 acre area within a 2 hour time limit.  Raice found her victim in 1 hour and 27 minutes (only one was placed which was't know at the time, and had to confirm to the trainer after Rio searched the area, and before her 2
hour time limit expired,  Rio believed that there was only the one person and that her dog had not indicated that there was anyone else out there. 

Next for Raice is to take the same test (40 acre) at night then an area of 160 acres with a 6 hour time limit then a 160 acre at night.  

Rio has also started working with Raice in Human Remains Detection/HRD (cadaver) work. Rio has spent the past 2 years mastering navigation with map and compass and GPS, first aid (human and canine), incident command procedures, FEMA tests, and other requirements governed through NASAR (National Association for Search and Rescue).

We are very proud of the accomplishments of Rio and Raice and wish them the best in their future endevours.


Mirak's Genevieve

RAICE - 8 weeks old


 raice ribbons

Raice's Tracking Titles !!!



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