MIRAK BOXERS of Goodyear, Arizona, began in 2003, with the acquisition of a stunning black brindle female, by the name of TURO'S KATALINA AT MIRAK, also known as “Katy”. Katy exuded class, style and standard. The privilege to have possession of such a specimen drove our love for the breed into the future. 
Fueled by the desire to improve the Boxer breed in health as well as conformation, our energy was focused abroad. Being faced with health issues and structural defaults in the breed, we expanded our horizons by incorporating the bloodlines of our fellow United Kingdom and European Boxer breeders. With any animal that is continually inbred, the gene pool becomes strained. Without the addition of diverse bloodlines, conformation faults and health issues will become prevalent.


In the autumn of 2005, the world-renowned Russian breeder and CACIB judge (Certificate of Aptitude for International Champion of Beauty), Alexander Balashov, offered to us AIVENGO ILARIA also known as “Ilaria”. Ilaria’s pedigree demonstrates the technique of a master breeder, thus blending the bloodlines of Italy, Germany and Russia to form a sound example of the breed. Ilaria has a temperament second to none, which has been passed on to her by her sire and grandsires.
Shortly after Ilaria’s arrival, we welcomed BOXKEN'S MAGIC SPELL (UK import) also known as “Jinx”. She is a deep mahogany brindle girl, who is full of energy, complete with natural ears and a natural appetite for the show ring. Her correct movement, super bite, “cat-like” feet. Jinx has since retired from the show ring and whelping box and is enjoying the life of a couch queen. She has left behind two wonder full daughters to carry on her legacy.


ALLSTURNS SUPERTRAMP, affectionately known as “Jaxx” is the latest arrival to Mirak Boxers. Jaxx comes from Allsturns kennel located in the beautiful Welsh countryside, bred by Ms. Shelly Turner. Jaxx has become a stable family member of our family, excellent guardsman, showman and caring father to all of the puppies born in our home. 
We are grateful for the foundation of boxers we have been priviledged to live with. They have given us a strong foundation of diverse blood and character with the goal of producing a well balanced boxer. 
The boxer is a "working breed"; a dog with a purpose; a duty.  It has been fortunate that we have been able to travel and see boxers from different parts of the country and the world, that we realized our breeding program and mission as breeders was lacking something.  Our focus had been  diverted solely to the conformation ring that we lost sight of the temperament of the boxer.  More than just a pretty face and graceful movement, the boxer has to have "spirit" and the will to work.


 Our decision to take a break from the AKC conformation ring to devote time to train our dogs in dog sports has already proven to be rewarding for the dogs as well as for us.  We are learning more about boxers and training dogs from puppyhood to adulthood than ever before.  The working field is a new venue and we look forward to improving our skills as trainers and handlers.
halimahEsme“You reap what you sew…” We are cultivating from the world’s top producing and winning Boxer kennels to use as a foundation to build upon. Daily care, nurturing and love are needed for any living being to grow and develop fully. We feed a natural diet, which includes fresh raw meats, bones, veggies, yogurt, fruits and vitamins to help maintain a healthy life. Along with a healthy diet, our dogs live indoors with the family to insure that their needs are met. Nutrition is the key to optimum health.
Breeding is an issue that can never be taken lightly. We are responsible for the puppies that we help bring into this world and it is our duty to see that they are properly taken care of and loved. It is our procedure, whenever possible, to physically preview the kennels and dogs before the selected ones enter our home. Purchasing a puppy or using a stud goes far beyond the act of mating or the transaction of buying a puppy. We like to meet the faces behind the names of the breeders. A picture can tell a thousand words or hide just as many faults.
Prospective buyers of our puppies are carefully screened before we allow one of our dogs to be purchased. Our dogs deserve as good of care or better than what we offer them. Whether a puppy, young adult, or senior dog looking for a home, we ensure that is a forever home and that both the dog and owners are the right match.
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