Present Males:



Mirak Boxers Revelation 1



Mirak Revelation 

Sire: Mirak Hampton, IGP 1, FPr 1, FDC, CGC, AD, BH
Dam: Xquisite Overture of Kellaney, FDC















Allsturns Supertramp

Sire: CH Boxken Big Issue 
Dam: Walkon Struck with Luck at Allsturns
 Stud Service: Private*




Hamptonhead 1 of 3sml 

Mirak Hampton - IGP 1, FPr 1, FDC, CGC, AD, BH

Sire: Dig v. Silvermoon - AD, IPO3, Korung B
Dam: Mirak Cavalia - AD



 Stud Service - Private*




Scotch Whiskey Of Kellaney

Sire: Rock N' Roll Di Casa Vernice
Dam: Charmed Rune of Kellaney


Stud Service - Private*



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