Mirak Hampton, IGP 1, FPr-1, FDC, CGC, AD, BH



 Hampton's Statistics

  • Born: June 01, 2012 - Feb 25, 2021
  • Owner: Mirak Boxer Kennel
  • Heart Score: 0/6 (Cardiologist prelim.)
  • SAS Clear - Echo (Cardiologist)
  • 24-hr Holter - Clear @ 5 years
  • HD - C2
  • DM: CLEAR/Normal
  • ARCV: n/A
  • Eyes: 1B
  • Teeth: 2aB
  • COI 1.8%
  • Height 63 cm Length 63 cm 
  • Chest depth 32cm

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2019 IGP 1 completed - 02/23/19 - Judge Andrea Duggan, Location: Marana AZ

2019 FPr-1 Tracking Level 1 completed - 01/2019 - Judge Andrea Duggan, Location: Coolige AZ. 

2018 Farm Dog Certified completed - Location: Laveen, AZ

2017 USABOX Jahressieger - Judge: Mathias Wolf Location: Claremont CA

  • Open Fawn Male - Critique: "4 1/2 yrs., large red fawn, slender well angulated. Head; good proportion muzzle, dark eyes, very good chin, gums are overgrown. Substance; full, body square, straight back, very good chest. Front; good. Front angulation; good. Rear; very good, very good movement." V-2 Rating

BH (Obedience) completed - 03/2015 Judge: Elmar Mannes, Location: Phoenix SchH Club, AZ 

2014 USABOX Jahressieger - 11/2014 Judge: Angelika Hartmann, Location: Claremont, CA.

  • Best Fawn Male - Critique: 

AD (20km endurance run) completed - 11/2014 Judge: Angelika Hartmann, Location: Claremont, CA.

 CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) completed - 2014 Coolige, AZ




 Training with Dr. Helmut Raiser in Hermosillo Mexico. RSV 2000 Seminar

Hampton passing his Herding Instict test 01/2015 


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FFP 1528     FFP 1481

FPr-1 Tracking Title 01/2019 Photos by: Michelle Gee

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(AD ZTP BH IPO3 Korung B)

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Mirak Cavalia (AD)

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Rojastle Kind A Magic for Boxken




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