Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Will a Boxer be a good dog for my family?

A: Boxers are a working breed that are outgoing, energetic and athletic. They enjoy being an active member of that family, given a job or function; a hiking buddy, swimming partner, obedience/agility team mate. A true companion who, after a good days work is ready to curl up on the sofa and relax. If this reflects you/your family's lifestyle, then a Boxer would be a great addition.

Q. How would you describe the temperament of a Mirak Boxer?

A: When selecting suitable parents, we strive to produce offspring that are confident, outgoing, energetic, athletic and able to acclimate to new surroundings with minimal stress. The puppies will vary from moderate to high drive (energy level). Depending on the owners lifestyle, will determine the most suitable puppy for them.

Q: Why do you breed German Boxers and not American Boxers, is one better than the other?

A: The lineage of our dogs is very diverse; in the respect that we combine bloodlines from different countries from all over the world.  The majority of those bloodlines are outside of the United States. However we still incorporate American blood into our breeding program when neccessary. Our breeding decisions are based on quality, not nationality.

Q: What is the average lifespan of your dogs?

A: Our dogs generally live into their double digit years, 11-13 years.  Longevity depends on genetics and environment. A raw diet has given our dogs longer, fuller, healthier life.

Q: Do you practice and limited or motified vaccination protocol?

A: Our puppies receive two series of DHPP vaccinations before leaving our home at 10 weeks of age.  Our adults typically receive routine vaccinations until 16 weeks of age and one rabies vacinnation at 1 year of age. No heartworm medication. Depeding on where you live will determine if your dog will need additional coverage from pests and disease. 

Q: What is your purchase process?

A: We maintain a contact list of all inquiries and when we have a mating take place, we will contact everyone on our list and notify them that their has been a mating and possible litter to arrive in a couple of months. Those that are still interested can let us know and we will keep them updated with the pregnancy and birth. They will be notified of the sex, color and count when the pups are born. 

At 6 weeks of age, new owners are notified of availability and evaluation results. 

The pups are ready to go home at 10 weeks of age and after two set of vaccinations and a physical from the vet before they go home.

All pups are AKC full registered and come with a one year health guarantee against hip dysplasia, DM, and aortic stenosis. Price of pups are all the same, no mater color/markings.

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