2020 Upcoming "S" Litter

A repeat breeding of Mirak Hampton and Xquisite Overture of Kellaney has taken place.  


Hamptonhead 1 of 3sml

Mirak Hampton IGP1, FPr1, BH, AD, FDC, CGC

Xindy052118 1 of 1sml

Xquisite Overture of Kellaney FDC


 Pictured below are photos from our previous "R" litter.

Day 55 R Litter 5 of 10  Day 55 R Litter 4 of 10  Day 55 R Litter 6 of 10

Day 55 R Litter 1 of 10  Day 55 R Litter 2 of 10  Day 55 R Litter 3 of 10



Bargaining over a puppy or an adult dog is absolutely not acceptable in our kennel! A purchase price of a puppy is only a fraction of the costs a responsible dog ownership entails, and we feel those who are unable or unwilling to afford a quality puppy will not be willing or able to afford quality care. 

At Mirak Boxers we only breed to replenish our own stock and to continue our bloodline - supplying a demand for buyers is never a point in having a litter. Breeding is only done when we are in a position to properly care for the bitch and litter. Every time we breed a litter we direct our efforts toward producing Boxers of exceptional quality. Every breeding is carefully planned with the union of two compatible Boxers, never settling for the nearest stud because of convenience. When breeding is done properly, the puppy sales cover only a small part of the total costs of running a quality breeding program. 


CO-OWNERSHIP BREEDING DOGS * Non Spay/Neuter Agreement - Available at a reduced price to approved homes. These promising pups are available as companions to families willing to leave them intact for possible future contributors to our breeding program.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our dogs. There are times when older puppies or adults are available to loving homes even if they are not listed.


 Your Puppy Package consists of:
  • A healthy and happy Boxer puppy
  • American Kennel Club (AKC) Registration
  • Vaccination record
  • Raw pupy food
  • Microchip

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