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Idris is a distinguished 5-year old male with a winning show and performance career. It's a significant transition for an active dog to retire from a career in dog shows, breeding, and competition. We are seeking a loving, quality family to provide him with a forever home.  With several generations of Mirak breeding behind him, Idris combines beauty, temperament, excellent health and advanced training. Ideal family will offer a safe, nurturing environment where he can thrive.  For inquiries, please contact us. 

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Available Brindle Female - 6 months old

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Bliss is a  six-month-old, affectionate and social girl. She's still in her puppy stage, full of energy and curiosity, making for a great time to start training and socialization. Bliss will thrive in a family home with plenty of toys to keep her entertained, and lots of opportunities for social interaction with both humans and other dogs. She'll bring a lot of joy to her new family.

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A quality breeding program takes dedication, time and help. Being a modest breeder, we are limited in the number of boxers we can keep in our home to love.
Occasionally we have boxer puppies that are available for placement in permanent foster homes. These are either male or female puppies that we would like to possibly use in our breeding/training program in the future. These are dogs that we may not have enough space for in our house, and we do not feel it is fair to them to live their lives as kennel dogs. Every Boxer deserves a "full-time" family!
Becoming a permanent foster family is a mutually beneficial relationship between the family and breeder. The puppy is loved and owned by the family, with all the joys that come with owning a boxer.





Adopting an adult boxer is a great alternative to a puppy. Families look to adopt dogs that are previously owned because they want to give it a second chance. Often they look to adopt from a Rescue facility, overlooking the possibility of adopting a mature dog from a breeder. Breeders on occasion have adult dogs who make great family companions and a better alternative than a rescue because, in most cases, the breeder knows the background and the behavior of the dog and are available for the transition. These dogs tend to be well socialized, play well with children and multiple dogs, and of course potty/crate trained. Boxers thrive on human affection, so they easily bond to their new family. Although they are loved by the breeder, most breeders are small, family owned kennels limited in the number they can keep at home. In most cases, this is the primary reason for placing an adult. For families who would prefer to skip the frustrating potty training stage and want immediate companionship, an adult boxer is a great alternative.


Bargaining over a puppy or an adult dog is absolutely not acceptable in our kennel! A purchase price of a puppy is only a fraction of the costs a responsible dog ownership entails, and we feel those who are unable or unwilling to afford a quality puppy will not be willing or able to afford quality care.





At Mirak Boxers we only breed to replenish our own stock and to continue our bloodline - supplying a demand for buyers is never a point in having a litter. Breeding is only done when we are in a position to properly care for the bitch and litter. Every time we breed a litter we direct our efforts toward producing Boxers of exceptional quality. Every breeding is carefully planned with the union of two compatible Boxers, never settling for the nearest stud because of convenience. When breeding is done properly, the puppy sales cover only a small part of the total costs of running a quality breeding program. 



 Your Puppy Package consists of:
  • A healthy and happy Boxer puppy
  • American Kennel Club (AKC) Registration
  • Vaccination record
  • Microchip


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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